onsdag 2. mai 2012

How to spend a day off?

I work 50 % now and that is just looovely.
Not that I am that kind of person that lies down a lot and relaxes, but I believe that doing something else can give you energy as well.
So, as usual when I have time off, I cook!
Haha, what else is new??

Today I make farewell cake to bring to work the next days I am there...
It is so sad. I cant believe I am quitting. Eventhough quitting should be my sepesialty since we have moved here and there the last years... Well, the fact is that I dont like it, I even get quite emosional about it...


I try to think that the end of one chapter is the beginning of another. We dont know what it will bring yet, but are willing to give it a try.
We can always raise up again if we fall...

Me and Salva are both of the same opinion: you have to take some chances in life. And think in 1-year terms.

Another great thing about being half "sick" these days is that I get to follow and pick up my precious kids in the kindergarden. This morning I hardly wanted to walk home again.

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