søndag 6. mai 2012

City Boys

We went to the aquarium again today. What a bomb!!
We love that place, and the kids as well.
Waiting for the bus we had a look in the window at this great sportshop and I fell in love with this purple anorak...
What a beautiful color and I think it would be very useful in the Spanish spring and autumntime. And for our walks in the Pyrenees!

The only thing is that I have to pull it over my head...Well, anyway, I am not that concerned about my hairstyle and I would use it basically for sporty occasions.
Pity I cant try it on right now...
Got the feeling Salva is planning a little surprise for me in the nearest future;)

(A nice detail is that it is produced from organic cotton. The demand of cotton has arised immensly the last 2 generations and the use of pesticides is enormous in the cultivation of cotton...
The soil will get poor and  and the rivers polluted...)

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Frulykkelig sa...

Denne har jeg i en litt annen fargenyanse, min er fjorårets modell og er mer rosa. Mannen har en i brun.

Har flere bilder av min i bloggen, blandt annet her: http://fru-lykkelig.blogspot.com/2012/04/mannen-lager-frokost-og-byens-hyeste.html

Vi er veldig fornøyde med anorakkene våre! Syns de er veldig behaglige og lette å ha på når man går tur. Det eneste negative er som du sier at man må ta den over hodet, litt mer jobb å få den av enn med en jakke, hehe. Men jeg syns nå det går helt greit :)


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